11 destination this valentines season

11 Best Valentine Destination around Lipa City

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make it the best date ever.

Whether you are from Lipa City or not, this Valentine’s Day suggestions from us can give you options.

Lipa City is one of the busiest areas of Batangas province. With all the commercial establishments and businesses sprouting here and there, it’s one city in Southern Luzon where a huge number of people go to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


1. Fat Grill

2. Cafe de Lipa

3. Liam’s Lomi House

4. Pebu Steak House


5. Sm Lipa

6. Robinsons Lipa

7. The Outlets

8. Fiesta Mall


9. Lipa Community Park

10. Metro Event Zone (MEZ)

11. Dayton Food Park

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