Month: March 2021

Easter sunday at lipa city

Easter Sunday

Easter (Linggó ng Pagkabuhay) is marked with joyous celebrations, the first being the pre-dawn rite called Salubong. The rite is customarily performed in the early hours of Easter before the first Mass. In some parishes, the rite is held earlier at midnight immediately after the long Easter Vigil proper, retaining the same format. The Easter Vigil mass is celebrated …

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sabado de gloria at lipa city

Black Saturday

Black Saturday or Holy Saturday (Sábado de Gloria) is the third and final public holiday of the week. The day is legally and colloquially termed in English as “Black” given the color’s role in mourning. The term Sabado de Gloria (Spanish for Gloria Saturday) refers to the return of the Gloria in Excelsis Deo during the Easter Vigil held on this day. Lipa City churches at night makes Easter vigil …

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Good Friday or biyernes santo

Good Friday

Good Friday (Biyernes Santo) is the second public holiday of the week and is considered the most solemn day of the year. It is observed with street processions, the Way of the Cross, the commemoration of Jesus’ Seven Last Words (“Siete Palabras”), and the staging of Senákulo, which in some places has already begun on Palm Sunday. The Baliwag Good Friday procession is the longest …

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Maundy Thurday or Huebes Santo

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday (Huwebes Santo) is the first statutory public holiday of the week and marks the beginning of the Paschal Triduum. One of the most important Holy Week traditions in the Philippines is the Visita Iglesia (Spanish for “church visit”, also known as the Seven Churches Visitation). Throughout the day, worshipers pray the Stations of the Cross inside or outside the …

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Holy Wednesday miryerkules santo

Holy Wednesday

Miyerkules Santo Holy Wednesday (Miyerkules Santo) is officially the last working day of the week. Private companies are free to give full or partial holidays to their employees. This lets people return to their home provinces for the Triduum, and holidaymakers to leave for their destinations, making it one of the country’s busiest travel seasons. …

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Lingo ng palaspas Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Araw ng Palaspas The Tagalog word palaspas refers specifically to palm fronds that Filipinos intricately decorate and take to church on Palm Sunday (Lingo ng Palaspas). The blessing of palms and the intonation of the antiphon often occurs in the church’s parvis, its parking lot, or the town plaza, which usually is in front of or near …

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mahal na araw 2021

Holy Week 2021

Celebration of Mahal Na Araw 2020 Sunday “Araw ng Palaspas”, April 5, 2020, is the first time since World War II that there would have been no public celebration of Palm Sunday, the day commemorating the triumphant arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem before His crucifixion. Catholics began the most “spiritually charged week” of the year, …

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Mayana plant


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced governments around the world to impose lockdowns, Home gardening has become a popular distraction among affected households, especially in the Philippines. People that got into this as a quarantine hobby have been dubbed as a “Plantita” or a “Plantito” which is a combination of the English word Plant and …


Lockdown in the Philippines

Covid 19 Lockdown Anniversary

The Covid 19 pandemic and the quarantines that came about in response to it have caused all the days to meld into one long period of waiting. How long has the Philippines been under quarantine? When did it start? These are some questions we ask while reflecting on what happened during 2020. What is Covid19? …

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