Pag-Ibig Housing Calculator

Pag-Ibig housing calculator will let you estimate the loan you can have in a given property. This is a quick calculator to give you an idea of a home loan you could qualify for, subject to a full credit assessment.

Mortgage Affordability Meaning

Affordability is the ratio of the ongoing financing costs of a property to the borrower’s income. 

The general rule for the affordability of mortgage loans is that the purchasing expenses should not exceed one-third of the borrower’s gross income.

Beyond this ratio, many banks consider a mortgage to be unaffordable and doubt that the borrower will be able to manage the interest rate payments and comply with the agreed amortization plan. However, there are some banks that will lend on mortgages where the property expenses do account for more than one-third of gross income.

You can use our affordability calculator to easily calculate the affordability of any proposed mortgage in banks or in Pag-Ibig here in the Philippines.

Diamond Heights Lipa!

Diamond Heights Lipa is the flagship project of JJS Realty and Development Inc. located at Barangay Latag Lipa City.

Modern Contemporary house model

Diamond Heights feature Modern-Contemporary houses. Other than this, Diamond Heights is known for its vow to live closer to nature, to breathe fresh air, and be away from urban areas to leap into Mother Nature’s open arms.

Living in a quiet community enjoying Lipa’s cool climate is a perfect place to raise a family!

“Family and community are at the center of everything we do,  we impart that sense of family and community to our homes.”

Pag-IBIG Housing Loan Affordability Calculator

Pag-IBIG housing loan calculator will let you estimate the loan you can have in a given property.

First, select what you want to compute. There are 3 options.

  1. How much income is required for your desired home value?
  2. How much can you borrow on your income?
  3. How much can you borrow based on the value of the property?

The field will change based on your selected options. Fill in the required information.

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You can print out the computation anytime for your reference.


Get the latest checklist for your new home before you even put a downpayment using this Due-Diligence Checklist.

  • Financing
    • Minimum DownPayment to take Possession/control
  •  Possible other expenses
    • Real property tax
    • Electricity installation
  •  Physical Aspect
  • Neighborhood (what to look for and avoid)
    • Quality of nearby houses
    • Public transportation
    • Slaughterhouse/piggery/poultry nearby
    • Cemetery
    • Garbage Dump
    • Funeral parlor 
    • Inspected at Nightime
    • Inspected at Daytime