Why many people like living in Lipa City?

Lipa City is a fast emerging key city in the country, becoming a major administrative, medical, commercial, financial, agro-industrial, and residential center. The Department of Science and Technology-Information and Communications Technology Office (DOST-ICTO) and the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) hailed Lipa City as one of the “next wave cities” specifically for Business Processing Outsourcing sector.

The City of Lipa was once known as the coffee center of the world. Currently, it is also known to be the “Little Rome or the Philippines” which is home to several Catholic churches, convents, seminaries, Catholic schools, and retreat houses.

Lipa City infographic

Key Takeaways from Infographic above:


As the spike in the population of Lipa City (from 160,117 last 1990 to 332,386 as of August 2015) will tell you, we are growing. In addition to Lipeño families growing, we also have people from all over the Philippines migrating to Lipa City, make that the world, moving here to our city.


Lipa is located 78 kilometers south of Metro Manila, so it’s not as if we’re far from civilization. You can be in Manila in a little over an hour if in case you miss its traffic and hot weather. Lipa City is elevated 1,025 feet above sea level. It’s not Baguio-cold, but it’s pretty close on some months. The average temperature for the year is at 25.6 °C, which is 3-5 degrees lower than the average in the Philippines.

Super Malls

It’s not just Fiesta Mall anymore. Lipa City has SM City and Robinson’s Place Lipa. To add to that, not just malls, Lipa City also have The Outlets and SnR membership shopping, and not all cities in the Philippines are chosen to have that kind of shopping which makes Lipa City a destination for shopping!

Risk Level

Lipa City is a low-risk area. One of the factors that make lipa safe from natural events and calamities. Faultlines are one factor for earthquakes, Lipa City has no faultline along with its territory. The City’s location in a valley between two mountains, Mount malarayat, and Mount Makulot. serves as a windbreaker in times of typhoons. Mount Makulot serves as a shield of the city in times of eruption of Taal Volcano.

Job Opportunities

LIMA Technology Center, LIMA Estate is a 700-hectare Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) with 50,000 employees. Considered to be the number one selling and the largest privately-owned industrial park in the Philippines. A large part of Lima is part of Lipa City. Also, Lipa City is among the “Next Wave of Cities” for the BPO sector. There are 10 BPO Companies as of March 2016 in Lipa City.

List of BPO Companies at Lipa City

  • Teletech Customer Care Management Philippines Inc.
  • Alorica Philippines Inc.
  • Tele-Accent Call Center Solutions Inc.
  • Bubu IT Solutions Inc.
  • Lasting Line Contact Center Inc.
  • Clear To Close Services Inc.
  • SPT Business Resources Inc.
  • Maestro Systemas Technologies
  • The Results Companies

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